2nd Cohort

First Semester Courses
Lecture Scientific Writing II28.06.2024
Lecture IT Infrastructure24.05.2024
Lecture Epidemiology23.05.2024
Workshop Academic Writing25.04.2024
Lecture Melanoma18.04.2024
Lecture Scientific Writing I08.04.2024

1st Cohort

Fifth Semester Courses
Meet the expert - Bastian Schilling28.03.2023 + 29.03.2023
Meet the expert - Wojciech Samek17.05.2023
Fourth Semester Courses
Journal Club - Johannes Köster10.10.2022
Psychologische Aspekte rund um AI: Trust in AI, human induced bias in AI, explainable AI - Nicole Krämer7.11.2022
Journal Club - Torsten Zesch10.11.2022
Human factors of HCI, HCI methods from a psychological point of view (acceptance, how and what to test) - Nicole Krämer6.12.2022
Fundamentals of Usability Engineering with Prof. Reimann21.02.2023
Journal Club - Sabine Sachweh23.02.2023
Third Semester Courses
Scientific Writing18.01.2022 + 22.04.2022
Journal Club04.02.2022 + 22.04.2022
Presentation training07.04.2022 + 08.04.2022
Second Semester Courses
Scientific Writing02.11.2021 + 15.11.2021
Machine Learning and Deep Learning10.12.2021
Introduction to psychology26.01.2022
Software Engineering28.01.2022 + 07.02.2022
First Semester Courses
Lecture Melanoma16.03.2021
Lecture IT Infrastructure at UH Essen15.04.2021
Snakemake Workshop25.05.2021
Lecture Information Security and Ethics08.06.2021
Lecture State of the art research program25.06.2021